6 tips to make your festival experience fantastic!

With only a couple of days to go until the much awaited 16th Belladrum Tartan Heart Festival, we asked our festival goers (staff and students) at the University of the Highlands and Islands to share their advice and tips.

This fantastic family friendly festival event brings together music lovers young and old. It runs this year Thursday 1 August to Saturday 3 August, on Belladrum Estate, by Beauly in the beautiful Scottish Highlands.

So, whether you are playing at it, attending or working at the festival for the first or umpteenth time…how do you make sure it is an unforgettable, safe and an enjoyable experience?

    1. Plan to be spontaneous – it’s great to anticipate and plan what bands you are going to see – but equally the festival is a great forum to widen your musical horizons, discover new acts you may never have heard of before and for free.  For example at the recent Hebcelt festival I was thrilled to discover and dance to Awkward Family Portraits!
      Anna-Wendy Stevenson, Programme Leader, BA Applied Music
    2. Going camping? Here is my five must takes!
      1) a small torch for finding your tent at night, even though there is festival lighting it’s not always easy in a sea of tents – make sure you can recognise your tent clearly too.
      2) take a refillable water bottle/container – there’s free water on tap.
      3) dry shampoo – a saviour for anyone with longer hair.
      4) extra layers – whilst it may be warm during the day the temperature can be really chilly at night.
      a bag to take all your recycling home…keep our beautiful Bella clean.
      Jessica Taylor, Digital Marketing Officer and Proud Ness Chair 
    3. Manual handlingIf you’re performing and playing a large instrument, invest in a good barrow with a fat tyre and some bungee cords as you’ll probably have to lug it four miles from the car park to the stage.
      If you’re offered a performers/production car park pass, take it as you can get in closer to drop off, as these car parks are usually right behind the stages. Or, if all else fails, you just need to make sure you have some fit and healthy friends to take turns.
      Alison Lochhead, Communications Manager and parent roadie
    4. Keeping charged – think about getting an external phone battery so that you can re-fuel your device without having to plug it in. USB battery chargers are easy to find and affordable. It’s useful in case you lose your pals in the crowd, plus we all love to capture photos, videos and share the best bits! @ThinkUHI
      Katie Masheter, Curriculum Development Employer Engagement Officer
    5. Hearing care – remember to bring ear protection for young children. There are many loud noises that can damage the little people’s hearing. Ear plugs for sleeping could be a winner too!
      DJ MacIntyre, Gaelic officer and bagpipe player
    6. Personal care – be sure to pack a travel toothbrush and toothpaste, with a bottle of water ready. Wet wipes are perfect for personal hygiene in case the ques to showers are far too long!  Keep fresh, and keep clean! 😊
      Take some healthy snacks to keep your energy levels up – pack fruits like bananas, and snacks like nuts that will ensure you are dancing all day and night long without running out of energy.
      Bumbags for safety – Keep your cash, phones and cards safe by using a one. By keeping your belongings close to you it reduces the chance of dropping or theft.
      Emma Robson, HISA Activities and Events Regional Co-ordinator

Check out the official website to for all the latest festival details and specific FAQs.official_bella_n

The University of the Highlands and Islands will be attending the Tartan Heart Belladrum festival 

Plan your personal programme!
Join our Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths students and staff in the Science Tent and take part in some fantastic scientific experiments. From making a fruit piano to having a go on a smoothie bike there is plenty to get involved in!

Do you know your axon from your elbow? If so, come and join in with our Science pub quiz on Saturday from 7pm to 8pm. Hosted by researchers from the University of the Highlands and Islands, with topics ranging from high school science to the latest news. There will also be a special children’s round so everyone can join in! Come and test your science skills with a prize for the winning team!

Why not attend a Women in Technology session featuring Dr Antonia Pritchard
[read her recent blog on sun care]AP

Listen to our current and past students perform at various stages over the three days.

Not sure what university life is like? Ask our students what their learning journey at the university. Representatives from the Highland and Islands Students’ Association will be at the event.

Future Me, our careers and employability team have secured some fantastic work experience placements. Our students will work with Belladrum’s production team – helping to make the magic happen. Roles include event project management, production, press office and artist liaison.   Watch out for their personal stories on social media @ThinkUHI as they get back stage, meet the artists, connect with like-minded people and have an experience that won’t be forgotten

It could be you performing or working at an event next year?
Set your course for the future. Visit our website to explore our courses all across the Highlands and Islands. Our courses take you from where you are today, to where you want to be in the future.

Find out more about future work experience opportunities or how to advertise your own vacancy.

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